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land training simulators

Simultec Land-based Training and Simulation solutions are geared for separate entities or entire battle groups. Their realism and overall effectiveness have enhanced operational performance of forces worldwide.
Tactical Battle Group
land Traning Simulators
Tactical Battle Group Trainer
The Tactical Battle Group Trainer (TBT) is a highly effective solution for training Commanders and Staff from Company level to Battalion/Battle Group and Brigade-sized operations. Combining tactical battlefield simulation with actual C4I systems, the TBT’s unique concept enables the Battle Group leaders to acquire tactical reasoning methods, skills and procedures.
land Traning Simulators
Tank and ACV simulator
Simultec Appended Tank Crew Trainer (ATCT) is a portable training system consisting of an Instructor Operation Station, Visual System and Simulation Computers. The ATCT enables cutting-edge training and mission rehearsal on-site, with minimum effort resulting in maximum combat readiness.<

The compact unit connects to the actual combat vehicle and systems, providing a complete simulation environment for the crew. The ATCT enables training for diverse operational tasks and functions such as vehicle equipment and sensors operation, gunnery practice, day and night operations and crew coordination.
Tank and ACV
Forward observers and field intelligence
land Traning Simulators
Forward observers and field intelligence
FOS is an artillery Forward Observer trainer specially designed to train artillery FOs in non-Line-of-Sight fire.

It enables full simulation of real-life battlefield situations including fire planning, ranging and operating, as well as target identification, acquisition and engagement in different environmental situations, using actual equipment available to the FOs in the field.
land Traning Simulators
Live Combat Training System
Complete solution for force on force live training Soldiers, vehicles and ACV's trainee sets, combined with complete control and communication capabilities.

Adequate up to brigade level, combined arms, combat teams. Compatible to all training area and terrain (open, urban, mountain, etc.)