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About us

Simultec S.R.L is an international Training & Simulation company.

Simultec has over than three decades of experience in training and simulation solutions.

Whether airborne, ground-based or at sea, Simultec has consistently designed, developed, delivered and deployed operational and tactical, virtual and embedded trainers and simulators to the world’s most sophisticated defense forces. 
Our total training solutions incorporate real-world experience based upon the depth of our corporate resources - experienced former military pilots, tank and naval commanders whose operational acumen is translated into superior training and simulation solutions.
From Computer Based Training (CBT) to Full Scope Simulators, Simultec offers customers a full spectrum of modular, flexible training solutions that evolve to meet dynamic operational requirements.
Simultec offers a comprehensive line of simulators and training devices for fixed and rotary wing, ground training, Home Land Security and naval. 
From Computer-Based Trainers (CBT), Part Task Trainers (PTT), and Full Mission Simulators (FMS), through complete Training Centers equipped with Mission Planning Systems, linked Simulators and Debriefing systems.
what we offer
Simultec takes a building block approach using COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) components. Customers are involved from the initial design stages during which mission demands, scenarios, functions and operational constraints are taken into consideration.
In some cases, training systems incorporate real flyable avionics units in its architecture, including mission computer, displays, pilot interface units and a display and sight helmet system for the fixed wing and rotary wing simulators.
Simultec Land-based Training and Simulation solutions are geared for separate entities or entire battle groups. Their realism and overall effectiveness have enhanced operational performance of forces worldwide.
Other services: Out of the Window (OTW) and Sensors Visual Systems based on COTS equipment and development tools, ILS (Integrated Logistic Support).
High Accuracy Flight Models
Simultec has developed accurate, real-time flight models for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft that that fully comply with strict FAA and JAR standards. The unique methodology and tools developed by Simultec enable building and tuning flight models without OEM data using only aircraft flight manuals and performing flight tests.

This sophisticated methodology may apply to any type of airplane or helicopter and can be integrated into any level of flight simulators. Simultec has developed flight models for various types of helicopters based on blade element analysis for both main and tail rotors which assures highly realistic simulation of helicopter performance.
Out of the Window and Sensors Visual Systems
Simultec provides turnkey solutions for Out of the Window (OTW) and Sensors Visual Systems based on COTS equipment and development tools. This enables users to continue and develop the visual database for years after the delivery of the simulator. Simultec’s proven experience covers large scale data bases supporting various training tasks: VFR, low-level flight and combat missions. Simultec sensors simulation includes FLIR and RADAR (RBM and DBS modes).
Glass Avionics
Simultec's Glass Avionics technology is implemented in many of its flight simulators. Rather than using electro-mechanical imitators, Simultec draws the flight instruments on COTS touchscreen LCD displays. Together with mechanical frames and high fidelity switches and knobs, it realistically represents the aircraft cockpit.

Glass Avionics technology offers obvious advantages:
Easy maintenance - maintaining COTS LCDs and S/W rather than electro-mechanical instruments;
Improved availability of the training device;
Higher flexibility for changes and upgrades to keep pace with evolving aircraft cockpits;
Using this technology, Simultec may introduce two or more different configurations of the aircraft into one flight simulator.
In support of our systems and products, Simultec has developed a full service capability to provide Total Support Solutions for our programs. We offer a wide range of services, ranging from Performance Based Logistics (PBL), to full Private Finance Initiative (PFI) contracts, Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) and other innovative service agreements tailored to specific customer requirements. Our experience in providing cost effective support solutions is utilized to analyze support needs and define solutions that are cost effective, flexible and meet the changing needs of our customers.

our commitment

Simultec management is committed to customer satisfaction of its fielded systems and products. This commitment is expressed by making the technical potential of the entire organization available to support the customer should the need arise for as long as necessary. Recognizing the scale of this commitment, E adopts a pro-active approach through a process termed Integrated Logistic Support (ILS).
ILS is based on simultaneous engineering. This means that product support is a consideration at every stage of product production, from design to manufacture to testing through in-service life.
The latest integrated data environment is used to provide visibility into assets in transit, repair and inventory and to perform defect rogue tracking, analysis and corrective action.
We manufacture equipment using fully compliant material and components in accordance with the applicable quality standards. In the event that a product requires repair, we offer a standard one-year warranty on material and workmanship. Under our Extended Warranty Program, repair service can be provided for additional periods of time.

Simultec conducts its activities with sensitivity to issues having safety and environmental implications. The purpose of this procedure is to outline the policy, consistent with applicable laws and regulations, for taking all possible measures to prevent damage to persons, property and the environment.


Comply with applicable laws and regulations.
Respond to customer requirements, per program safety manager's request.
Integrate environmental and safety issues within overall activity goals, at all applicable levels.
Act per annual improvement plan.
Allocate required resources and means.
Take into consideration environmental issues relating to the development and production processes.
Provide training to employees.
Attain required authorizations, as applicable.
Establish open communication channels among relevant units.
Establish an appropriate workspace environment for the employees.
Encourage employees to report about hazards.
Establish an emergency center in every site.
Act towards preventing environmental pollution (air, water, soil, etc.).
Commit to the principle of sustainable development by recognizing natural resources as a public resource.